March 13, 2011

some music

So if one were pushed to come up with a slogan to encapsulate the raison d'etre of this blog it would have to be, "'cuz democracy is dead but the demos keeps on going!" Yet every once and awhile we here at demosdemos like taking a a slight diversion of sorts, call it the "dilettantes delight." Tonight I bring you two pieces worlds apart. "Lasse! comment oublieray" was written by Guillaume de Machaut,(1300-1377) the poet-musician most musicologists these days generally consider to be the culmination of the ars nova, (I recommend Richard Taruskin's 5 Volume set in these matters,) and "Nowheresville," a dandy of a song written by Nico Muhly, voice by Teitur. Love the recorder

March 5, 2011

“markets like totalitarian governments”

And its’ not hyperbole! Don't believe it? Listen to Larry Fink explain why.
Originally from Washingon’s Blog but link to this video.

Fink is one of the most powerful persons financial insiders in the world, and happens to head BlackRock, the largest global investment firm with assets about 3.5 trillion dollars, and which the interviewer twice refers to as “a systematically important institution.” For more on the dirty-rotten-lisping-Fink read this

And just as a side note, there was also some local news.

March 4, 2011

labor fights spur surge in union support

From Firedoglake comes these statistics. And from one of the commenters: "Wow, a group trying to move public opinion–and succeeding–rather than simply throwing their hands up and complaining about how they can’t get anything done because the current environment doesn’t support it. What a concept!" Frankly, I think the bigger problem is being left out in the cold by Democratic leaders who may voice "support" in front of the cameras but who  do next to nothing to help move the needle because they already buy into the Austerity Now! mania spreading cross the land. Oh the humanity....