April 30, 2010

Friday the 30th

This is where the ambulance would bring you if you had to be rushed to St.Vincent’s Hospital. After months of bureaucratic shuffling and protests, and protests, and more protests, the hospital, as reported by the AP, which had been a 160-year institution in Manhattan's Greenwich Village finally closed today “after months of feuding and years of financial struggles.” The NY Times reported that other hospitals in the area will only get busier. So despite the nine million dollar grant won by Gov. Paterson to enable the uptown hospital of Lenox Hill to, as the NY also reported, “run an urgent care center that would treat the minor emergencies of some patients” for two additional years, this news sucks. 3500 jobs will also be lost

And with Moyers gone…oh, will the world ever be the same again? Who else on American TV would provide in-depth interviews of Robert McChesney? Sheldon Wolin?  Ernesto Cortez? Sharon Olds? William Sloane Coffin? Amy Goodman? Bill T. Jones? The Yes Men? Grace Lee Boggs? Peter Sellars? Jeremiah Wright? Anna Deavere Smith? Lewis Lapham? Mike Davis? Watch this address given in Minneapolis in 2008 at the National Conference for Media Reform.

One staying remark, “When the bar is low enough you can never be too wrong.”  

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