December 20, 2009

Getting to Higher Ground

How ironic that Obama allegedly left Copenhagen due to “the weather” only to fly back to this weekend’s blizzard in DC. As this interview between spokespersons for Greenpeace USA and the Brookings Institution demonstrates, the actual political message taken away from the Copenhagen summit should be quite clear. (Passing   remarks from the interviewer at the end just about sum it up.)

More at The Real News

Or simply consider these words by Naomi Klein from Harper’s, October 2007.
“Wealth already provides an escape hatch from most disasters…..
Perhaps part of the reason so many of our elites, both political and corporate, are so sanguine about climate change is that they are confident they will be able to buy their way out of the worst of it. This may also partially explain why so many Bush supporters are Christian end-timers. It’s not just that they need to believe there is an escape hatch from the world they are creating. It’s that the Rapture is a parable for what they are building down here on Earth – a system that invites destruction and disaster, then swoops in with private helicopters and airlifts them and their friends to divine safety.”  

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