November 5, 2008

The Morning After

The Audacity of Hope indeed. The phrase just rubs it into progressives. Yes, of course, it is truly wonderful for the country to have elected its first African American President. "Hope" has been revived for millions of people, especially people of color, minorities, the young, and lots of single-moms, and that is very, very important. But how long can it last? Should it last? The importance of Obama's victory has more to do with feel-good enthusiasm, a re-branding of the American Dream, than with anything substantial, at least from a progressive point of view... and that is why Obama is the mythological candidate par excellence.

The audacity reached a peak late last night when the NY Times said remarkably in a headline on its website that "racial barriers" have "fallen." The truth is Obama is a surrogate for, what Adolph Reed called, “the ‘progressive’ wing of the investor class.” "He" is also a colossal media-event. The victory last night had nothing to do with voting records nor with policy and economic plans for the country. Obama has already surrounded himself with Clintonians Rahm Emanuel, Paul Volker, and Rob Rubin, already voted for the new FISA laws, as well as for the the re-authorization of the Patriot Act. He has flip-flopped on public financing, said he wants to expand the military budget, voted for the bailout swindle, been silent on poverty, a living wage, and the impeachment of Bush & Co. All of this lurks just around the corner waiting to mug liberals.

For a really great take on Obama check out Simon Critchley, who said "Obama's politics is governed by an anti-political fantasy."

Sorry to piss on all the celebration.

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