September 8, 2008

Keith and Chrissy sittin' in a tree......

The NY Times reports that due to continued pressure from the White House and, most recently, the McCain campaign, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews are now gone as anchors for the upcoming presidential debates and the November election. They will remain as "analysts" only. Read Glenn Greenwald's commentary in Salon. This decision, as Greenwald shows, is just the latest evidence that "the liberal media" is a trumped up charge leveled by conservative hacks to work the refs, and effectively cut off any criticism of the GOP. The fact of the matter is, as Robert McChesney reported in The Problem of the Media (2004), that media owners and editorial executives vote overwhelmingly Republican, sometimes 3 to 1.

Am I a "conspiracy theorist"? No. I just guess it's a coincidence.

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ha! luv the pic! shhh..