July 28, 2008

Sui Generis

Addressing concentrations of power and all the various kinds of social and political neglect which ensue in a large corporate nation-state requires opening the political space to facilitate countervailing political action. For though we may have personal freedoms, we have little, if any, civic freedom to actually participate in political power. So look forward to voting in November...or at least try to look forward to voting in November given that existing political realms, as well as public duties and responsibilities themselves, have gradually over the decades been bought out and “outsourced” by powerful economic, political , and legal interests. Again, the only way to make political life more responsive, more responsible, more caring, and ultimately more liberating is to "open," "create," or "disclose," (choose what you like) a political space that is recognized as distinct from the machinations of high-powered corporate lobbyists. Indeed public ideals, duties, and responsibilities, have to be appealed to in order to garner architectonic leverage to circumvent and reign in power brokers and their "special interests." Thus it is important to understand not that “the political” does not exist or even that it exists only nominally as merely a cover for "politics as usual" but rather that it exists in order to prioritize, justify, facilitate, and account for the wide array of institutional means, responsibilities, and powers pertaining to a whole constituency.

But today in the US...may I add... it’s not just the starving and paralysis of public works and political impotency that is a problem. We must also note that amongst many Americans there is widespread complacency with “the system” as inevitable as well as broken. And it is this banal carelessness, outright denial even, that makes us retreat easily into petty stubborn narcissism, into the celebrity cults, into the spectacle of the subject... even the simulation of the subject.

More on this later....

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